89,000,000.00 83,000,000.00

CMOS cảm biến full-frame 30,3MP

DIGIC 8 image processing

Video 4KHD UHD; C-Log & 10-bit HDMI Out

Dual Pixel CMOS AF, 5655 điểm AF

View camera OLED điện tử 3.69m-Dot

Giá: 55,000 VNĐ
Túi Canon 521×1 Túi Canon 521
Giá: 350,000 VNĐ
Dán màn hìnhx1 Dán màn hình
Giá: 15000 VNĐ
Ống kính Canon EF50mm F/1.8 STMx1 Ống kính Canon EF50mm F/1.8 STM
Giá: 2,900,000 VNĐ
Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS Rx1 Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS R
Giá: 300,000 VNĐ
Dây Đeo Thao Tác Nhanh Quick Strap FOCUS F1x1 Dây Đeo Thao Tác Nhanh Quick Strap FOCUS F1
Giá: 290,000 VNĐ

LCD touch screen rotate 3.15 “2.1m-Dot

ISO 50-102400

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, SD Card SD UHS-II

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Mô tả chi tiết

With camera Sony field entry with the speed of the speed, canon out of the camera line does not mirror Z with a mixed response. Canon has currently immediately to answer from your plugin on the field is not mirror by  Canon EOS R.

  •  Design

Canon EOS R body is made with the metal magiê with the light quality 660 gram, persist, can not be used and wet to use in another different time.

Canon EOS R also the screen page view the OLED tích hợp điện tử 3,69m with the zoom to 0,71x

LCD màn hình phía sau 3,15 “2,1 m-dot has rotation for easy usage using more from the corner, low and the previous. It also the screen touch to control the directations control shot, replay and menu.

A SD card slot specific, and support UHS-II protocol for read speed and writing more for support 4K video over better and return fast.

Connect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integration for the shared connection, control and transport with the shared connection information via Canon Camera Connect, add an additional tag for your files with the data Location of mobile device.

Pin lithium-ion reo LP-E6N có thể cung cấp 430 ảnh mỗi lần flash và tính năng ngay trong camera được hỗ trợ thông qua USB PD-E1 source source. This camera also LP-E6 compatibility, non supported are not supported in the camera.

  • CMOS cảm biến full-frame 30,3MP

The touch of the EOS 5D Mark IV with EOS 5 Mark – EOS Romatic hào phóng has 30,3 megapixel output. It also provide the dual Pixel RAW feature, extract the sensor of the diode diode to create the RAW to hơn, open a number of the specified process to create the maximum color (include microfocus adjustment, change bokeh and dimished).

  •  Grab feature

EOS R use a phase detected system syoc parsed into the image sensor, the original it use the dual Pixel of Canon Pixel. It character have 5.655 point of the best signature, with EV -6 to 18 range in AF mode.

  •  Shooting Speed

ISO from 100 to 40.000, can be expand to 50-102,000. It is between between Z6 and Z7 of Nikon, the boss after Sony A7 III.Tốc độ chụp ảnh là 8 frames / seconds, but with AF is activated, quay speed is 5 fps.

  •  Video quay video

EOS R hỗ trợ UHD 4K độ phân giải (3840 x 2160) ở tốc độ tối đa 30 khung hình / giây ở 480 Mb / giây, cùng với quay phim Full HD 1080p ở tốc độ 60 khung hình / giây và HD 720p at speed 120 frames / seconds. When write image in camera, 4K video has resolution 4: 2: 2 and depth 8 bit depth, start out 4: 2: 2 10 bit in ITU-R CT.2020 can be perform when usage external log.

Âm thanh can be written with the micrô audio on the external card or micrô option can also be used through the micrô 3,5 mm.

  • Mounted Lens

When most valid a new camera system, Canon EOS R also regular post a new system system with ngàm RF. Canon giới thiệu EOS R với mới ống kính bốn.

Add to the Canon also kip tung 3 to switch to use for use and convert with Canon EF lens

>> Liên hệ mayanhcudaklak để mua các phụ kiện dành cho Canon camera và  mua Canon  chính hãng trả tiền hãng với giá cả và ưu đãi lãi suất

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